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Hy-Gain AV-18 HT 5-bd 10/15/20/40/80M1.5KW (2bxs)


53 foot 10/15/20/40/80 Meter HF Vertical Antenna w/ 1500W PEP

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The AV-18HT features automatic band selection achieved through a unique stub decoupling system which effectively isolates various sections of the antenna so that an electrical 1/4 wavelength (or odd multiple of a 1/4 wavelength) exists on all bands. Approximately 250 kHz bandwidth at 2:1 VVSWR on 80 Meters. With the addition of a base loading coil (LC-160Q) it also provides exceptional 160 Meters performance. Includes all stainless steel hardware and til-over base. Unity gain on 20, 40, 80; 2 dB on 10/15 Meters.

You can view a detailed photo explanation of installation at the following web address: Thanks to WA7QJY for the link.

AV-18HT Specifications
Electrical Specifications
Bands 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 Meters (optional mod for 160 Meters)
Max Power 1500 Watts PEP
Input Connector SO-239
Mechanical Specifications
Height 53 feet
Weight 114 pounds
Wind Survival 75 MPH
Recommended Mast Size n/a

  • Model: Hy-Gain AV18HT
  • Shipping Weight: 100lbs
  • Manufactured by: Hy-Gain

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