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Shipping, Returns, Refunds Policies

Return Policies
Aero Smi is dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you place an order it is a binding contract and we order from the factory and when it is received we send that order to you. If an item is defective the factory will replace or repair it at their choice. Simply contact our store to receive instructions on returning your purchase. The following conditions apply:

Please read the disclaimer on the home page of the aero-smith home page. If you don't agree with the conditions, then please don't place an order.

  • Shipping occurs after we place the order with the factory and they ship it to us and it sometimes may take up to 4 to 6 weeks after order is placed some items may take longer
  • Shipping is non-refundable*
  • A Restocking Fee applies (provided item is repacked according to factory standards & without excess wear)

*Items purchased originally with Free Shipping will have standard ground shipping fees deducted from the refund

Shipping Policies
Shipping to and from Aero Smith is at the customer's expense and varies according to weight, size, shipping type and location. For items without a weight listed please use our contact form to get an estimate

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